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Collaboration Turns Visions into Reality

Nile Petroleum Services Company (NPSC)

Nile Petroleum Service Company (NPSC) based in Juba, South Sudan is our valued partner. Established in 2011, NPSC has a wide range of expertise as an oil and gas services company. It provide  full  Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services with an experienced and competent team which always ensures success, proper management and timely delivery of projects in South Sudan. NPSC executes engineering works related to the oil and gas industry such as:

EPCC Projects:

Rejuvenation of Non-process building; Appraisal Liner for Skimmed Oil Pond; Field Surface Facilities; Power Distribution System; Base Camp Facilities.


Operation and Maintenance Services; Cathodic Protection Inspection; Tanks & Vessels de-sanding & cleaning, inspection and rectification; No-man Entry Tank Cleaning; Procurement for bulk MTO, Engineering Materials, consumables operation and maintenance spare parts; Vehicles maintenance, service, and spare part supply; Handling, transportation, and lifting heavy equipment; Provision of Drilling Fluid and Production Chemicals; Provision of Minor Construction and

Maintenance for Upstream Production Facilities; Environmental Clean-up and Skimmed Pond Oil Recovery

Comacon Limited​

Comacon Limited is a leading specialist Civil, Mechanical & Electrical contractor within East Africa with a history dating back to January 2007.

Today, Comacon Limited forms part of Building, Structural & Mass Concrete casting which is ultimately part of the world’s leading building technology and associated services.

Comacon Limited has the capability and resources to undertake projects of all sizes and complexity throughout East Africa.

A well-qualified and experienced team of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineers, coupled with an equally experienced and energetic operations team, guarantees value for money solutions of the highest standard.